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Our teams of highly skilled Repair & Maintenance service technicians can resolve any pump problem you may have. With unbeatable professional industry and application know-how, we ensure your system stays up and running, so you get a little extra performance out of every pump.


Fast repairs, minimum downtime

Pumps, like anything else, hardly ever break down at convenient times, and when they do break down, it is often a matter of great importance to get them up and running again, fast. Instead of sending your pumps for repair at a workshop, you can call in Grundfos personnel to perform onsite repairs, getting your installation up and running again quickly. Onsite repair gives you a little extra speed when handling pump breakdowns and comes in three varieties:

  • Standard repair
  • Out of hours repair
  • 24/7 Anytime repair

All repair work is carried out according to Grundfos specifications using original spare parts, ensuring that the warranty is still valid, and you get a clear overview of the cost of the repair.

The fast and efficient repair work means minimised downtime, keeping disruptions and therefore expenditure to a minimum. And as you do not need to spend time and resources dismantling and reassembling installations to send components for repairs, you may focus on your core business.

When extended downtime due to repairs is simply not an option, Grundfos is there to assist you.


  • Minimised downtime and expenditure
  • Product warranty is still valid
  • No need to dismantle and reassemble installations
  • Clear overview of repair costs

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About Us

Since 1977, respect is the cornerstone of what Lamah Est. is all about. We have created a culture that respects all stakeholders, whether they are suppliers, customers, or our employees. When you deal with Lamah, you are connecting with a team that is committed to your success.

Our range consists of

The manufacturers we represent are among the finest in the world. Our product line-up allows us to provide innovative, reliable and efficient solutions for the vast majority of our customers’ pump and water heater applications. We are thankful to our relationships with many of our customers and suppliers that span for decades, where we have evolved and we will continue to re-engineer ourselves for the future as we help our customers tackle various challenges.


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