pump supplier

44 years of experience as a supplier and solution provider for the water pump, fire pump, water heater, valveHVAC Accessories and control panels.


pump supplier


pump supplier

Fabricates reliable and effective water pump system, fire pump system and electric control panels for all water applications.

Complete Pump Supplier And Solution Provider In Saudi Arabia

Who We Are?

We are the pump supplier in Saudi Arabia. Established in 1977 with headquarters in Riyadh. Lamah is an innovative organization that brings fresh ideas and 43 years of experience solving water handling challenges for our valued customers. Provides complete water pumping solutions for MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) systems and supply the world’s leading manufacturers of products such as Grundfos water pumps, Pentair Aurora UL / FM fire system, Rheem water heater, Flamco HVAC systems and Herz valves. In addition, Lamah has its own factory to manufacture local production, assembly of Booster systems, Non-UL-FM Fire system, electric control panels for all water applications.

pump supplier


Authorized Distributor

Grundfos water pump supplier
Aurora fire pump supplier
Rheem water heater supplier
Flamco HVAC Accessories supplier
Herz valves supplier


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